Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pichit PAO Election

Chartchai Chiamsripong (above) defeated Wichien Thienpong 129,424 votes to 63,305 (unofficial). Chartchai and Wichien were the only candidates who entered the race. 

Chartchai was the incumbent and received strong support from political warhorse, coup instigator, ostrich farm owner and wine connoisseur Maj. Gen. Sanan Kachornprasert. Sanan is a native of Pichit and an adviser to the Chart Thai Pattana party. He also served as Deputy Prime Minister in the Abhisit government. For a while, he championed himself as Mr. Reconciliation, but seems to have given this up after the last election. 

Wichien received support from Puea Thai party, gaining the backing of red shirts like Surakit Laohachaiarun (losing PT candidate in 2011 election) and Police Lt. Gen. Adul Boonsert (former Pichit MP and one of the TRT 111). Wichien is a former Pichit Deputy Mayor. 

Take Away: Chartchai drubbed Wichien in this contest. Chartchai was the incumbent and had important backing from influential folks like Sanan. In the 2011 general election, Chart Thai Pattana won two of the three seats in the province, the third went to the Democrats. Sanan's son Siriwat won the seat in Constituency 3. 


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